Emirati lady hailed for taking care of elderly living alone in UAE


In a never-knew about occurrence, an Emirati lady has taken care of an elderly for a considerable length of time and connected with specialists to secure her effects when she fell sick, legal experts in the Capital has uncovered.

The Emirati lady displayed uncommon trustworthiness when she saved costly gold gems and different effects of her elderly neighbor to a court. She dreaded not to keep or take what doesn’t have a place with her, as indicated by the experts.

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Authorities at the Abu Dhabi legal office revealed to Khaleej Times that the lady had cared for and taken great consideration of the 80-year-old Arab lady for more than seven years after she had seen that the lady was remaining alone in her home in Abu Dhabi.

The matured lady had no known relatives and her neighbor was helping her keep all her riches.

“Furthermore, when she fell sick, the unwavering lady, who is in her 60s, took the assets of the elderly lady, including gold jewelleries, check books and other bank records, and keys of her home that were in her authority to the court in Abu Dhabi," said a legal authority.

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“She requested that the court assume control over the duty of keeping the things of the elderly person since she didn’t have any acquaintance with her family."

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The Emirati lady has likewise told the court authorities that she dreaded the elderly person may kick the bucket when she was still possessing her riches.

“The lady said she needed the court specialists to keep the possessions of the elderly person and afterward hand them over to the legitimate proprietors, on the off chance that they could discover them," said the authority.

In a brisk reaction to her novel compassionate motion, the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance judge requested that the elderly person’s things be gotten and kept in the court treasury until the point when she recoups from her disease or when court discovers her blood relatives.

Legal authorities said the Emirati’s thoughtfulness and honorable acts demonstrated the compassionate qualities profound established in the Emirati culture.

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